Camp Halfblood and the tale of Thomas

From Alexandros' Journal: Arrival

Hello, new journal! I am Alexandros Pachis, and I have just bought you. I will be writing in you to help praktice my English. You see, I have just arrived in New York, and I am very excited to start a new life living like an American! It is going to be very much fun. I will tell you a bit about myself, just so you know who it is who is writing in you.

I am from Greece. It is a beautiful country, and the people there are very friendly. I am the oldest of three brothers, and I have one baby sister too. Their names are Leon, who is 12, Jason, who is 8, and baby Melina, who is 5. I am 15. We all live with Mama, whose name is Elena. She is 32, but she doesn’t like to mention her age. I never met my father, he left when I was still a baby. Mama has had boyfriends, but none stayed very long after she got pregnant. Since I was the oldest, I have always had to be very responcible. It is hard to look after all my family, but I love them very much, so I do not mind very much.

We lived very happy in Greece for a long time. But after I turned 12, bad things started to happen. Strange creatures, like from the myths Mama would tell me, would attack me! It was very scary. When I told Mama, she told my my father was Herakles, the hero from the myths. I was very surprised! I was fat when I was young, so it did not seem very likely. But as I grew, I became taller and thinner and stronger! A lot stronger! Soon I could even fight some of the monsters, though I still had to run away a lot. Sometimes the monsters would attack my house and sometimes my family got hurt. That was always the worst.

It was six months ago when I first met Aiden online. He was very strange, at first, and he only spoke English, so it was hard to talk to him. Thankfully I was taking English in school, and so I could get most of what he was saying, and he was always very patient. He said that the monsters were attracted to me by my smell. I thought that was weird, but he seemed to know a lot about monsters, so I listened to him. He told me about he lived in America and there was a camp where all the other demigod children all lived together and trained to fight monsters. And he told me that he would even help me pay for the traveling there! It was very generous. But I couldn’t just leave my family, there was too much to do. I told Mama about the place and she thought it sounded very nice.

But then, the ekonomee fell apart. There were riots in the street and it was very dangerous. That was when Mama decided that we would move away, somewhere were it was safe. I talked some more to Aiden and he suggested that he could help my family move to America, and his father could help get citizenship very quickly for us. Mama agreed and Aiden told me he would get it done. But then he told me that it wasn’t safe for me to travel with Mama and my siblings, because if a monster attacked the plane it could be very dangerous. So Aiden came to Greece to come and get me before Mama left, so they could travel safe. I said goodbye and told them all I would send letters and Aiden promised to teach me how to use ‘Iris Messages’, which is a magic thing with rainbows?

The trip to the airport was very rough, there were three monsters on the way! Aiden was very helpful, he is a good shoot, and he used his Aphrodite powers to keep the monsters fokused on him while I punched them. One time he was almost eaten by a hydra but I hit it with my head and it disappeared. Aiden fell pretty far, but he was okay. When we finally made it, the trip was uneventful. We stopped in London airport, but we were only there for an hour so I didn’t get to see the city at all.

When we were flying over the atlantic, one of the passengers turned out to be an Empousa and tried to attack us, but I managed to beat her. After, Aiden used his powers to convince everyone on the plane that Empousa was a terrorist and I had saved them! The mist is pretty strong, so they believed him and I got a lot of thank yous, and the flight attendant even gave me her phone number! She told me to call if I needed somebody to show me around New York. What a friendly country! Too bad I don’t have a cell phone. Aiden tells me they attrakt monsters.

Anyways, after we landed Aiden showed me around the city a bit. It was amazing! So many tall buildings! I bought all kinds of souvenirs so I would always remember it, even you, journal. I even bought a very nice shirt that said ‘I <3 NY’, which is true! I changed into it right away, even though they didn‘t have changing booths there. And the shop lady gave me her number too, and she too offered to show me around! I was really amazed at how friendly America was.

After that, Aiden took me ‘upstate’ to the camp he told me about so much. It was a great place! And so big! Aiden showed me all around the place, and even introduced me to his American friends. There was a skinny one named Gabe, and a loud one by the name of Tofur. They were working on a truck of some sort, but they were having trouble putting in the engine, so I helped, and they were very impressed. After that, I saw a lady friend of his named Annabeth through a rainbow (I believe that was an ‘Iris Message‘). They seem like they will be a lot of fun! I can tell, we will soon be good friends. I must go, journal, because Tofur was nice enough to invite me on an american-style road trip in his truck! We are going to get the girl in the rainbow from Florida. I don’t know how far that is, but it can’t be very long. I should be able to write again in a few days.


“Aiden […] used his Aphrodite powers to keep the monsters fokused on him while I punched them.” Classic! That pretty much sums up Alex’s approach to combat.

From Alexandros' Journal: Arrival

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