War Wagon

heavily armed and armored truck of awesome


Originally a dilapidated old truck borrowed from an equally dilapidated old man, the war wagon is Tofur’s vehicle of choice. While not much to look at, when Tofur decided to use the old truck as a launching point for the first Flying Bear Attack, he realized that he and his friends needed a permanent means of transportation. He spent the end of his summer repairing the entire fleet of tractors at the Tractor Yard in order to work off the cost of the truck. Once it was his he began the retrofit.

Reinforced with celestial bronze armor and fitted with a towing arm that doubles as a catapult, the war wagon is ideal for any combat situation the cab seats three easily while the bed of the truck has additional seating for 4. The cab is outfitted with an AM/FM sterio as well as a CB radio designed to fluctuate frequency so as to confuse monsters. The catapult is self resetting and can be operated by one of the rear passengers. a heavy duty celestial bronze plow works equally well for removing snow or monsters from the road. under the hood a series of solar dots absorb energy from an enchantment that causes the underside of the hood to glow like the sun thus ensuring that the War Wagon never needs to stop to be refueled.

While Ruxpin the robo-bear will always be tofur’s pride and joy, the War Wagon comes in a close second.

War Wagon

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