New Arc Prophecy

The path of wisdom is twisted and turns
At the crossroad a new torch burns
A wild willed waif with wary mind
Who has lost all, you seek to find

True child of Troy true child of Rome
The once crowned king stands alone
Safe surrounded by family and friend
A trusted hand could spell the end

The indigent lord travels on
His wanderlust is never gone
Like his sons in days gone by
His footsteps presage some will die.

Find the ancient trails and track
To fire and blood you must go back
To ancient places lands of birth
To ancient lords to prove your worth

The blade of old lost in stone
Through Gia’s heart in land of bone
The stone the lock a hand the key
A simple touch will set them free

Times wheel turns, ever spinning
Both sides fighting both sides winning
Each a separate side of the coin
Each camp the coming battle join

Clotho spinning, Lachesis choosing
Both sides fight with both sides losing
Atropos cuts with abhorant shears
No time for sorrow no time for tears.

Now for vengance plots and plans
Puppets strings and divine hands
If down this road Olympus travels
The tapestry of fate unravels

The goddess born of foam and sea
Seek her help your path to see
The rule of thunder you must bend
For any hope to find your end

A blade of ancient power and might
One wielder true can claim the right
An empty throne a vacant seat
Can only be filled if both sides meet

Then seek together the ancient stones
The guarded spring in Terra’s bones
Find it there a regal sword
Waiting there with ancient ward

Hidden hands of deadly hate
As before they lay in wait
Yet not the same a threat made new
See through the lies to what is true

Now a race across the land
Clutched within the dread foes hand
The end of all of they succeed
The earth will rise and feed its need.

Another chance, for a failed dream
To halt the flow and change the stream
A chance for calm, a place of peace
Between the children of Rome and Greece

-Rachel Dare Oracle of Delphi

New Arc Prophecy

Camp Halfblood and the tale of Thomas JJT61083