Tag: Boys


  • Gabe Miyazaki

    Timarelle: _"Don't worry, Gabe. Just calm down. They're not going to send you to an internment camp or anything. We wouldn't let them."_ Gabe: _"Calm down?! I'M IN A CAMP RIGHT NOW!"_ *Physical Description*: Gabe is small for his age and slight of …

  • Tofur Martell

    Tofur's main distinguishing characteristic is his antagonism towards any form of authority, both real and perceived. bq). *Defining Moment*: Tofur: "I've got a plan! Dick, take the wheel." Richard: "What?" Tofur: "Flying Bear Attack. Take the wheel!"

  • Richard "Dick" Barr (Deceased)

    _"Does anyone else think it's weird that the son of Ares is acting as the voice of reason here?!"_ - Dick Richard's mother, Molly 'Gun Moll' Barr, rode with a biker gang when she first met Ares. They had a brief, torrid romance, that ended with Molly …

  • Alexandros Pachis

    "Hello American friends!" *Appearance:* Alexandros is a big kid. At 15 years old, he's already a looming 6'2". He looks like a bodybuilder, with thick slabs of muscle layered on his broad frame, covered with naturally bronze skin. He's got thick, black …