Seven-Hide Cestus

Heavy cestuses worn in battle against herakles

weapon (melee)

The Seven-Hide Cestuses are +2 gauntlets that can use your unarmed strike base damage in place of their own.
In addition, the wearer can focus in on one target to the exclusion of all others. As a swift action, the wearer can designate a single target they can see. They can take a penalty to attack rolls, damage rolls, and AC against all other targets (up to a maximum of their base attack bonus) for an equivalent bonus to attack rolls, damage rolls, and AC against the designated target.


The Seven-hide Cestuses are heavy, powerful gauntlets of thick hide, dyed dark with dried blood and spattered brain. Plates of iron are sandwiched between the layers of hide, making them heavier and more lethal. The name comes from the fact that they are made from only the thickest parts of hide from seven cows. Thick straps of leather bind the forearm all the way up to the elbow, protecting the knuckles and back of the arm, but leaving the fingers free to grapple.

The gloves were originally created by King Eryx in his youth. For many years he fought with them, but they only take on supernatural power once they were wielded in battle against herakles himself. His divine blood spilled on the gauntlets, they began to be changed by the thoughts and intentions of their users until they took on the traits they currently have.

Seven-Hide Cestus

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