Lord of the Sky, Father of the Gods, Wielder of the Master-Bolt


Greater Deity (Greek Pantheon)
Symbol: Thunderbolt
Home Plane: Mount Olympus (Empire State Building, 600th floor)
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Portfolio: Weather, Cosmic Balance, Hospitality
Worshipers: Any
Cleric Alignments: Any
Domains: Air, Protection, Strength, Water
Favored Weapon: Javelin (thunderbolt)
Environment: Mount Olympus
Alignment: Lawful Neutral


“Zeus, the Lord of the Gods, wore a dark blue pinstriped suit. He sat on a simple throne of solid platinum. He had a well-trimmed beard, marble gray and black like a storm cloud. His face was proud and handsome and grim, his eyes rainy gray.”

- The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan.

Fun Fact: Although he is the king of the gods, Zeus is actually the youngest of six brothers and sisters.

Zeus has long dark grey hair with a grey-and-black beard. He has matching grey eyes with a grim but handsome and proud face. Zeus commonly dresses in a formal blue suit with a white pinstriped overcoat and pants, red tie, and white undershirt.

Zeus, as the King of the Gods, is very proud and commanding and has very high amount of self-respect. He demands respect and precedence from mortals and the other gods, and was angered when Percy chose to bow to his father Poseidon before Zeus himself.

Although he is a capable leader and the enforcer of justice and law, Zeus does not provide the best moral example. He is at times extremely paranoid, as well as self-centered and easily insulted. Most notably, Zeus is extremely lustful, perhaps more so than any other Olympian. His rampant unfaithfulness to his wife Hera is very notable in myth, and often places his mistresses and even his own children in dangerous situations all in attempt to hide his affairs. If he thinks someone is plotting against him or has insulted him, he can be very unforgiving. At times he allows his negative traits to override his better judgements. His decisions are not always based on justice, but rather his personal whims and what he sees as best for himself, rather than the greater good. Zeus is also in some ways lustful for power, evident in his title as “King of the Gods”, and his fear that his own brothers, Hades and Poseidon, might one day betray or dethrone him. He also has very strong distrust for Poseidon because he had once tried overthrowing Zeus from his throne. Zeus instantly blames Poseidon for the theft, despite having no evidence and all the facts pointing elsewhere. Zeus even threatened war among the gods over the perceived transgression.

Zeus has great flair for dramatic exits and is a quite a big show-off, which Poseidon pointed out to Percy, saying “he would have done well as the god of theater.” In addition, Zeus has a certain focus on his own superiority, something he displays both in Greek myths, the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and The Heroes Of Olympus series, both written by Rick Riordan.


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