Lord of the Seas, Master of Storms and Earthquakes


Greater Deity (Greek Pantheon)
Symbol: Trident
Home Plane: Mount Olympus (Empire State Building, 600th floor)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Sea, Earthquakes, Storms
Worshipers: Sailors, traders, fishermen, coastal dwellers, cyclopes
Cleric Alignments: Any
Domains: Animal, Strength, Water
Favored Weapon: Trident


Poseidon has black hair, a neatly trimmed beard, sea-green eyes, and a nice tan, as well as “smile crinkles” around his eyes and cheeks. When casual (which is almost always), he wears Birkenstocks (leather sandals), khaki Bermuda shorts, and a shirt with coconuts and parrots on it (or any other Hawaiian shirt), and a battered cap decorated with fishing lures which says “NEPTUNE’S LUCKY FISHING HAT”.

Sally Jackson, Percy Jackson’s mother, describes him as “handsome, tall, powerful yet gentle.” During The Last Olympian, Poseidon’s visage has aged to that of an old man due to his kingdom being destroyed in his battle with Oceanus, having white/grey hair and beard, and an aged face. When Percy asks what happened to him, he says he chooses to reflect the state of his realm, and it is not in a good state. However, when he abandoned the battle to fight Typhon, his appearance returns to normal. Poseidon’s demigod son, Percy Jackson, is noted to be nearly the spitting image of his father, with black hair and green eyes, Percy also inherited Poseidon’s good looks.

Just one look at Lord Poseidon and you would know who he was. He chooses to appear in a Tommy Bahamas shirt, Bermuda shorts, and leather sandals. Unlike his brothers, Zeus and Hades, Poseidon is kind, light-hearted, and patient.

However, in the Greek myths he is said to be short tempered, moody, and enjoys getting revenge. Poseidon was said to have spent eight years taking continual revenge on Odysseus for blinding a cyclops named Polyphemus, who was Poseidon’s son.

Riordan’s vision of Poseidon may not be as short-tempered as in the Greek myths, but he still holds a grudge with Athena, from their fight over patronage of the city of Athens.


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