Argos Panoptes

Security Director for Camp Half-Blood


Lv. 15 Male Humanoid Fighter
Age: 6,000+
Hit Points: Several
Initiative: + X
Speed: XX ft.
Armor Class: XX (+ X Dex, + X Deflection)
Base Attack/Grapple: + X/+ Y
Space/Reach: 5 ft/5 ft
Special Attacks:
Special Qualities: Mute
Spell-Like Abilities:
Saves: + X Fort, + Y Ref, + Z Will
Abilities: Str X, Dex X, Con X, Int X, Wis X, Cha X
Feats: All-Around Vision
Environment: Camp Half-Blood
Alignment: Lawful Neutral


Argos Panoptes

Camp Halfblood and the tale of Thomas Super_Dave