God of Prophecy, Music, Intellectual Pursuits, Healing, Plague, and (sometimes) the Sun


Intermediate Deity (Greek Pantheon)
Symbol: Bow and Arrows, Sunburst
Home Plane: Mount Olympus (Empire State Building, 600th floor)
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Prophecy, Music, Intellectual Pursuits, Healing, Plague, Sun
Worshipers: Physicians, Healers, Poets, Singers, Prophets/Oracles
Cleric Alignments: Neutral
Domains: Sun, Knowledge, Healing
Favored Weapon: Longbow


Apollo normally appears as a handsome teenage boy (When Thalia first met Apollo, she said “Whoa. Apollo is hot.” And Percy replied, “He’s the sun god.” She replied, “That’s not what I meant.”), around seventeen or eighteen, sandy hair, a bright cocky smile, and outdoorsy good looks. When Percy meets him for the first time, he was wearing a white, sleeveless T-shirt, blue jeans, and loafers. Percy describes Apollo as looking like Luke, without the jagged scar on the cheek and with a smile that is blinding enough without the sun car as Percy says. However, he can appear as anyone, as he is a god. While helping Percy on his quest, he shows himself as a homeless man named “Fred” (he’s incognito). He is often seen driving the sun chariot, which appears as a cherry-red convertible with Corinthian leather interiors and power-steering.


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