Camp Halfblood and the tale of Thomas

The Final Battle: Part I

Note: this adventure log is incomplete. I’m just posting this as a place-holder. I’ll come back and fix it later.

From the journal of Gabe Miyazaki, Apollo Cabin:

So, if you’ve been paying any attention to the news lately, you’ve probably heard about that “freak storm system” that’s been traveling across the United States, baking a beeline for New York City. But all of us at Camp Half-Blood know it’s really Typhon, Kronos’ secret weapon in the war against Olympus. The hammer has been raised, and we know where it will strike; all that remains is to wait for the blow to fall.

We’ve heard news that the Princess Andromeda is making its way up from the Sea of Monsters along the east coast, heading straight for New York. Percy Jackson and Beckendorf
Everyone’s spent the last few days preparing for battle. Everyone’s on edge: the battle will be bad, but having to wait makes it so much worse.

Beckendorf is dead. Selena starts crying. Everyone is sad.

We deck ourselves out for war, pay off some debts to the Stoll brothers (something about Dick and a distraction" involving several tons of fireworks, I don’t know exactly), and set off for New York City.

Ruxpin (in dog-form) is tracking Kronos’ sleeper-agents by scent. We start running down Park Avenue.
There’s a man walking three dogs. Hellhounds, actually. The dog-walker doesn’t seem to realize exactly what he’s walking. They break free of their leashes and attack us, as soon as they catch our scent.
Since Gabe is the most delicious-looking, they attack him first. 10 damage in one bite. The first (“Fifi”) savages Gabe’s right forearm. Gabe starts screaming, and even hardened New Yorkers stop to look at us. Eventually, Tofur smashes the skull of the last of them. Gabe takes the dog-walker aside, and while the Mist is still working to occlude the dog-walker’s memory, Gabe tells him that his dogs ran off and he hit his head really hard. He asks why Gabe’s arm is bleeding. He says it’s nothing, runs off with the rest of the gang after Ruxpin.

Norman Thomas High school. Yancey Academy is across the street. (We fought something here, I’m not sure I remember what. Or maybe we fought the Hellhounds in front of Norman Thomas High. I forget.)

Next, Ruxpin leads us to the Collectors Club (22 E 35th St, New York, NY). we follow Ruxpin into the back-alley, and come face-to-navel with a pair of Laistrygonian giants. They’re debating about what kind of human they should “collect” next.
Gabe blasts one of them squarely in the face with an Arrow of the Sun. Blinded, the giant grabs a fistful of building and hurls it at us. Or at least, where he thought we were. Actually, he missed really badly (critical failure). His throw goes wonky, he releases too late, and winds up beaning himself with the rubble.
Aiden casts Hideous Laughter on the other Laistrygonian. The giant falls prone, but it still takes us a few rounds to administer a coup de grace. The dice are not cooperating.

Next, Ruxpin leads us to Cornell University. There’s a very tall woman walking a pair of verylarge dogs, apparently named “Castor” and “Pollux”. She’s clearly mythical, but it’s not immediately clear how, exactly.
She’s from Canada, but she’s not a Laistrygonian. She’s a Hyperborean. The dogs areHellhounds, but very well-trained. We warn her that there’s going to be a big battle soon, and she might get caught in the crossfire if she’s not careful. She says that she really just wants to finish her term paper. We tell her that seriously, she should get out of town. At the very least, keep her head down.

Finally, Ruxpin leads us to Prometheus. We exchange “pleasantries”. He tells us all about how the gods are unjust, cruel, capricious, unfair, etc. WE tell him we’ve heard it all before. Golden Age of Man and all that propaganda. But he’s persistent (can remember all the points he made, but some of them were pretty good).
We ask where Pandora’s pithos is now; we’re still mad about that, and want it back. He says simply “all in good time”.



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