Camp Halfblood and the tale of Thomas

Nepenthe Gardens Retirement Home

Note: this adventure log is incomplete. I’m just posting this as a place-holder. I’ll come back and fix it later.

From the journal of Gabe Miyazaki, Apollo Cabin:

Thomas sent us on a quest to a nursing home in upstate New York. Aidan, a son of Aphrodite, came with us. Thomas only told us the person’s initials: J.D. (I think). Didn’t even tell us whether we were looking for a man or a woman.

The receptionist didn’t want to let us in. Aidan charmed his way past her, [ I don’t remember how, exactly. I remember thinking it was ingenious].

Eventually, after running into a really creepy old guy who tried to put the moves on Tofur, we found our quarry: J______ D______, a daughter of Apollo. One of the Furies was guarding her. We left her a knife to defend herself.

She probably died fighting. Good for her. Man, the gods can really be dicks sometimes. And by sometimes, I mean “a lot of the time”.

As we leave Thomas’ cave, I notice Thomas cutting his hand with the knife we got from J.D.. Why would he do that?



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