Camp Halfblood and the tale of Thomas

Gabe Gets a Date, Ruxpin gets repaired

From the journal of Gabe Miyazaki, Apollo Cabin:


The whole thing started when Tofur went to go ask the Aphrodites for a favor. They made a show of being nice to him, but one of the older guys offered him a handshake as he was leaving, and when he touched Tofur, he cast a spell to make Tofur start dancing uncontrollably. I was coming back from the archery range and saw what they did, and rushed to defend him. I don’t know what I was thinking; even an Aphrodite could probably kick my butt in a close-range fight! But I was mad, because they shouldn’t have treated Tofur like that. He came under a flag of truce, and he just wanted to talk.

So I showed up and started yelling at the guy who cursed Tofur, when all of a sudden, the most radiantly-beautiful girl in the whole Aprhodite Cabin (and that’s really saying something!) was talking directly to me, and not asking me to get out of her way or anything! I think that she had some kind of question about why we were fighting and what all the commotion was about, but I didn’t really catch it. I was too enraptured with her tall, fair Nordic features and her long flaxen tresses. I’d seen her around before, from a distance, but this was the closest I’d ever been to her.

“Inga, right?” I asked. I’d remembered her name, and even managed to say it out loud. I was proud of myself.

“Um, yeah. That’s me,” she said, brushing a stray lock of golden hair behind her left ear.

Suddenly, I heard myself say the craziest thing I’ve ever said in my whole life: “Wudjaliketogodatewithme?”, I exclaimed.

“Uhh, come again?” she asked.

“Would you like to go on a date with me?” I said again, more clearly this time. I think that I must have caught her off-guard, because she couldn’t think of a reason to say no, and wound up saying “sure” instead. Maybe Aprodites just aren’t used turning down dates or something. That must be it.

Anyway, I managed to schedule a date for next Thursday. Looks like Tofur’s little pep-talk worked! Man, I really, really hope that nothing happens with that Great Prophecy thing between now and then, because that would really suck!



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