Camp Halfblood and the tale of Thomas

Forging ahead

Well, I’m still alive! Thought I’d start off on a high note, cause it goes downhill from there. Ruxpin is in pieces, Hades stole his heart, and my dad is apparently pissed that i lost his sacred artifact cause my fire’s out. Up side, cause I’m always an optimist, I think I’ve come up with a way to get on Hades’ (the dude, not the place) good side… er, well his not as bad side… Ok, the side that doesn’t want to kill me, whichever side that is, I want to be on it.

Downside, there’s a good chance that it’ll piss off the other two of the Big Three. Hopefully not enough for me to get electrocuted or drowned though. I’m going to make a sword for Hades. Already got started on it. Good three hours of work in so far, figure about six or seven left to go. Thankfully Thomas let me use his workshop and a supply of Stygian Iron and all I had to do was make him a dagger.
Thing about Thomas is that just about everything he says or does has an ominous undertone. Take his asking for the dagger. Couldn’t help but get the feeling he has plans for that dagger. Couldn’t help but get the feeling that those plans are going to be very violent. Couldn’t help but get the feeling that whatever he’s planning it’s going to be a bad thing.

Finally had that talk with Gabe, he really is clueless. I’d be willing to bet that no one in camp can boast chasing off or defeating no less than three hydras not to mention having traveled to the underworld a couple times and time travel. Freakin time travel!! We’re talkin’ Marty McFly, slingshot around the sun, H.G. Wells stuff here, we’ve done it. And the poor boy is oblivious to how awesome that is even by half-blood standards that’s pretty high on the list of bad-assery. Admittedly we’ve almost gotten ourselves killed every step of the way, but we’re still here, still alive. Hopefully the pep talk will help and he’ll start getting some self confidence. At the very least i’d like to be able to get through a quest without having to stop so he can change his soaked pants.
It’s getting late and i’ve still got work to do repairing Ruxpin.



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