Camp Halfblood and the tale of Thomas

Busy day

Today was probably the busiest day I’ve had in my life, and i’ve had days that involved changing biological kingdoms. Woke up with Thomas’ voice in my head. Truly terrifying. The guy has more than enough reason to want me dead, the thought of him being in my mind doesn’t sound like a good way to get him to not kill me.
Luckily I think he might be looking out for us. The war with the Titan’s is coming to a head, we’re expecting an attack any day now. Thomas woke up me and the guys to give us new weapons. Er… well, mostly old weapons. Really old. The hammer he gave me was made from the remnants of the tool my dad and the cyclopes used to craft Zeus’ Master Bolt. It’s pretty badass. I already nearly killed myself with it three times, the thing crackles with energy.
It kinda has me worried though, the way Thomas has been acting. Always tired and injured, the ominous way he holds the knife I made him, the blood he had us fetch, and now these gifts. It’s like he’s planning something. And I got a feeling that him walking away isn’t in the plans.
Spent the rest of the morning trying to remake the heart for Ruxpin. Thought with the new hammer I’d be able to do it. Broke an anvil and several walls in the Big House. Mr. D is gonna be pissed. Was thinking about making a vine trellis to replace the wall in his room I got blown through.
After renovating the Big House, Clarisse and Silena came walking up. Silena was balling her eyes out. My big brother Charlie is dead. It was tough to hear. We’ve lost a lot of campers this past year, a few from my cabin. And as a halfblood, dying is kinda a way of life. Way I figure it, from the time we’re born we’re as good as dead, just a matter of how long before our bodies realize it. But Charlie was tough. He’s survived a lot, and him being gone is just… wrong.
He died saving camp. Took a whole ship full of baddies with him. When the real fighting starts that ship could be the difference between winning and losing. Chronos and his army are going to pay. There’s a blood debt and I’m gonna do my damnedest to collect.
With Beckendorf dead, I figured we didn’t have long before the titans strike. I need Ruxpin. I needed Hades to give me back the Heart. THe guys called in a favor from Eros, burned a lot of valentines decorations to get him to stop by. He gave us an arrow, the lovey dovey kind. Dangerous magic, I’ve fought a lot of monsters and pissed off a lot of gods, that arrow scared me. With the arrow all that was left was to get Hades and Persephone together and stab her without her looking at me. Easy right?
Had to sacrifice Ruxpin’s body to get his heart. Hades showed up, Persephone showed up. we explained that it was all just a misunderstanding, and Hades being the reasonable guy that he is took it all pretty well. didn’t even smite me a little. Persephone stabbed herself with the arrow which saved us the trouble and now the happy couple is all made up, I’ve got the Heart, and my flame is back. And for once I’m down to only being on the shitlist of one deity that I know of.



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