Camp Halfblood and the tale of Thomas

A letter to the Oracle

(The following letter can be found for those foolish enough to go looking in an unlocked desk in Thomas’ cave. It appears to be the newest in stacks of letters most of which are yellowed and faded with the passage of years) (The writing is flowing and practiced from a time where penmanship was still taught and expected.)

Hello My Love,

I’m sorry, it’s been too long since I’ve written. Things have gotten hectic here and I’ve barely had time to eat or sleep much less write. Of course you know all this, but then that’s par for the course isn’t it? What was it you told me? “Just because I know what you’ll say doesn’t mean I don’t like getting letters.” I haven’t forgotten.

I gave the Hephaestus boy a pendant I saved for you. I always hoped I’d manage to surprise you with it someday. He’s got the affections of a young Aphrodite girl Susan is her name I think. What she sees in him I can’t begin to fathom but then I never could figure out what you see in me. “Don’t argue with the oracle.” I know I know, but I liked the way you always ended our arguments. He’s headstrong, stubborn, and brash but his heart is in the right place. He’ll be there to fight for them when the time comes.

The Athena girl lives up to her mother’s legacy and then some. She’s the best voice of reason and strategy I’ve seen in at least a generation. I don’t know where they’d be without her especially the son of Hephaestus. She’s no shrinking violet in battle but she shines when weapons are put away and reason is brought to bear. I’m worried she’ll overestimate her chances though. They ran into Prometheus once before and if I know that weasel he’s not done with them. I should have chained him back to that rock myself.

Apollo’s son is another matter entirely. He’s got some skills with that bow of his but he seems just as likely to hide in a corner as fight. At least he seems to have his bowels under control. Baby steps right? Don’t get me wrong the boy is a good shot but unless he finds his spine he’ll never stand up to what’s coming even if they do survive this fight. Still they need a healer and he’s decent enough at his craft so there’s potential there.

The Ares boy wouldn’t have been my first choice to watch their backs. Sure he’s determined but he’s failed before and the enemy will try to use that against him, it haunts him still. He wears his father’s chains like armor but doesn’t realize just how much they weigh him down. I’m not convinced that he won’t buckle and run when the real onslaught starts and if he does I’ll send him to Hades service myself. Then again I failed you and I’m still here. I can’t very well deny him a chance at redemption now can I?

The Aphrodite’s son is nothing but trouble but he’s got more grit than most of his siblings. He works well with the Athena girl, with all of them really, but if you can’t get along with an offspring of the lady of love when they are actively trying to be your friend well, you might as well live in a cave. I don’t doubt his worth as a negotiator and Olympus knows we could use more level heads right now.

I sent the children off to New York this morning or was it yesterday? I can’t remember now. The titans are on the move and we’re not ready. Over fifty years of planning, begging Olympus to listen, arguments with every god I can think of from rivers spirits to the big three for support and we’re not ready!

Chiron and the rest of the camp are getting ready to leave to support Jackson and the rest in New York leaving just you and I, but that’s the way it’s always been hasn’t it? I know that Argus will stay to guard the camp as he always has but that doesn’t mean much against what we’re facing. At least I won’t be surprised.

I wish I had been more honest with them about what’s coming but I’m not sure their oaths to you hold as strong as they once did. I hope they’ll forgive me when the time comes. I just know that if they knew- and there’s the alarms again. Back to work!

All my love,



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